It Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist, or a PhD, to Build Wealth.  

But, Just in Case...

Eric has worked in the aerospace industry since 1996. He has a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan and is currently the Chief Engineer for an aerospace company in North Las Vegas. Here, Eric leads a team of engineers while they build a privatized space station destined for orbit.  Two modules are already orbiting Earth; the next will be the first privately owned, manned module in history.  Eric was born and bred in Ann Arbor, Michigan and moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1996.  Years later, he met and married Joan and the two moved to Las Vegas soon after their vows.

Joan was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and moved to Tucson in 1983.  Joan has a Bachelor's of Science from the University of Arizona, Master's of Education emphasis Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University, and a Doctorate in Organizational Psychology, with honors.  She has a strong background in psychology with her last position as a licensed behavioral health therapist conducting psychiatric consultations for a hospital network.  Since moving to the Vegas Valley, Joan has redirected her professional attention to wealth accumulation strategies.  After partnering in a successful financial planning company, Joan began focusing more attention on helping individuals and businesses implement banking strategies into their financial portfolio and investing in real estate.

Eric and Joan are blessed to have welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Ryan, in December 2011 and spend most of their spare time enjoying their son.  When they actually get enough sleep, all three enjoy golfing (Ryan is still working on his stance), investing, wakeboarding, dirt biking, and playing on their Rhino (four wheel drive golf cart).  But when they are done being active in their outdoor sports, they enjoy coming home and relaxing with their dogs and birds.  Whether in front of the television or seeing it live, all three enjoy watching football.  Eric is an avid University of Michigan fanatic - Go Wolverines!  Although Joan enjoys college football as well, she prefers watching the NFL and is an enthusiastic Eagles fan (despite their awful year) - Go EAGLES!!!  And Ryan - well, he enjoys just cuddling with Mom and Dad watching any football game.