The founders of United Financial Freedom (UFinancial) and the Money Max Account Program have been featured in numerous industry leading magazines. Broker Banker editor and publisher, Brian Topor, featured the program two times in his magazines and was quoted as saying: 

"As an experienced mortgage originator and Founder/Publisher of Broker Banker Magazine, I've come across every imaginable product designed to help mortgage originators generate more business. Some have been great, most have not. I have never personally and/or publicly endorsed any product. However, I'm endorsing this one. It's the Real Deal.

Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine has also featured the founders of UFinancial and the Money Max Account program on several occasions. In fact, the founder and editor, Andrew Waite awarded the former company the 2008 Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine Editor's Choice award for client mortgage innovation. Waite states: 

The... system simplifies a complex world so homeowners can manage their financial condition better. This aid to improved homeowner comprehension and control of their financial condition is a seismic shift for the mortgage industry and can deliver savings and wealth to clients. This we applaud. 

As Seen in the News

The original program has been featured in numerous news broadcasts across the country and in Las Vegas with Jim Snyder.