Learn more about Worth Unlimited - watch the webinar from April 26, 2012 below.  

  • You don’t need to make ANY sales! You are essentially a referral agent - you refer your prospect to Worth and they will collect the financial information, run the analysis, do the presentation, close the sale, and you get a check in the mail!

  • Generous Compensation Program!

  • Price will vary! The service will vary in price and is a percentage of how much savings a person will receive using the program. So, the less money someone saves, the lower the investment.

  • Get in on the ground floor! We are currently in the soft launch phase and have an incredible opportunity to join early and build a big foundation.




Give us a call (702) 677-4064. Hurry – call now and get in on the ground floor!


Skyler Witman provides a brief introduction, April 20, 2012



This webinar through YouTube is in 6 parts (YouTube and their time limits!)

Part 1 of 6: Overview



Part 2 of 6: New Sales Model and New Price Point



Part 3 of 6: Compensation


Part 4 of 6: Next Steps


Part 5 of 6: FAQs, Part 1


Part 6 of 6: FAQs, Part 2


Joining is easy.

Select the appropriate paperwork below, fill it out and submit to Worth Unlimited either by email or fax. Then, let Joan know - Joan@HaakonstadGroup.com and she will send you additional information and help you get started. Please join the person’s team from whom you received the invitation to learn more about Worth Unlimited.


Join direct to Joan Haakonstad’s team by completing this paperwork: Worth Unlimited Agent Contract - Direct to Joan Haakonstad


Join direct to Barry Elrod's team by completing this paperwork: Worth Unlimited Agent Contract - Direct to Barry Elrod


The Fifteen Minute Challenge!

Learn how you can earn over $50,000 a month just by setting one client appointment per day and having your team do the same!