Dave Ramsey, Suzie Orman and United Financial Freedom actually have the same goal; and, that is to get you out of debt. So, why do Ramsey and Orman take completely different approaches in doing so? And, how does this compare to the Money Max Account through United Financial Freedom (UFinancial)?

Dave Ramsey suggests targeting the debt with the lowest balance and tackling it with any extra money you have each month. Once this is paid off, you then take the monthly payment and redirect it to the next lowest balanced debt.

Suzie Orman suggests that you target just your credit card debts or the debt with the highest interest rate. After this debt is paid off, redirect its monthly payment to the debt with the next highest interest rate.

How come two experts with the same goal give two completely different strategies? How do you know which one is correct?

The truth is both are good, but only at certain times - sometimes Dave Ramsey's approach is best; and at other times Suzie Orman's approach is best. However, there are other times when neither of these approaches are the best, nor the fastest way to pay off your debt.

Because of their broad audience delivery, Dave Ramsey and Suzie Orman had to develop a "one-size fits all" approach to the debt elimination process. And, thank goodness they did - the people following these plans are at least doing something to pay off their debt! They may not always be the fastest way to pay off debt, but, the plans do work!

However, debt and determining the fastest way to pay off these debts is simply math! Calculating the various potential paths, including computing all of the variables associated with each debt and time value of money, and then mathematically determining which debt to target, when, and with how much - it is all MATH!

United Financial Freedom and the Money Max Account System bundles all of this math into one program. The Money Max Account uses advanced banking strategies to identify the fastest, most effective financial strategy to eliminate your debt and build up cash reserves in your bank account. And, they do so in an extremely user friendly program which you can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You don't need to guess which strategy is best for your unique situation. The program does it for you and maps out step by step how to accomplish your goals.

Take the next step and find out how this program will help you. Give Dr. Joan a call today: (248) 663-2332.

After all, all you have to lose is your debt!