New Worth Unlimited Agents

Welcome to the Worth Unlimited Family! We look forward to a long relationship with you as we together help revolutionize how families deal with their finances, one family at a time.

Now that you have joined Worth Unlimited, what do you do to begin? This page is designed to help you get a jump start on building your Worth Unlimited business. First, make sure you read through the documents below.

New Agents: Steps for Success

Memory Jogger

Dr. Joan Haakonstad's Script


Agent Training Videos (from Back Office)

Recorded Compensation Plan:


Lesson 1 – Back Office & Tools:


Lesson 2 – Agent Resources:


Lesson 3 – Analysis:


Lesson 4 – Shopping Cart:


Agent Module Training Series

Presented by Kai Baker and Dr. Joan Haakonstad

Below you will find a series of Modules for new and re-engaging Worth Agents. These are designed to help agents from the very beginning of their Worth business and beyond. If you are new, it is imperative you start from Module 1 and watch the Modules in order as each Module builds on the past.

Please watch these videos carefully, take notes, and follow the steps discussed. The items discussed in each of the Modules are designed to help you build a solid and successful Worth business.

We have found that agents who follow and implement each step discussed have greater success than those who pick and choose which steps to follow. You joined Worth for a reason - you have goals with your Worth business and we want to help you be successful. The best way we can do this is to provide the steps and tools for you to be successful. All we need if for you to follow the steps and Take Action!!!

Please Note: The training within each of the Modules are 30 minutes or less (except Module 1 - it is 45 minutes). You will see some trainings are longer than others. We have decided to record questions and answers at the end of each segment which may cause the training to exceed the 30 minute mark. However, the bulk of information / material will be presented within the 30 minute time frame. 

Module 1: Steps for Success

This module includes 6 steps all agents should start with in order to build a solid Worth business.

Watch training for more details:

Download PowerPoint Slides

Memory Jogger for Back to the Basic's List (People You Know)


Module 2: The Sales Process: Helpful Hints and Suggestions

Watch Module 2 training here:


Module 3: Sharing Worth With Others

Watch Module 3 training here:


Module 4: Tools to Build Your Worth Business

Watch Module 4 training here:

Activity Worksheet - Track your client and agent Prospects / track your activity 


Module 5: Handling Objections

Watch Module 5 training here:


Module 6: Creating a Sense of Urgency - a Review of Sales Process, Step 1 to Increase Urgency

Watch Module 6 training here:

Download Slides from Module 6 Training

Remember, following the steps (including ALL aspects of Stage 1) will increase the likelihood of appointments being maintained and sales closing. Here are the steps in Sales Process, Stage 1:

  1. Share Worth with Others – Create Curiosity and Gage Interest
    • With Whom do I Start?
    • Your 15 second commercial
    • Use Qualifiers and tie-down questions
    • Your personal or a borrowed story
      • Watch videos
    • The Litmus test
    • Set the appointment in stone
      • Refer to Worth or Run your own analysis

We will review each of these steps in detail in subsequent Module Trainings.

Module 7: Stage 1, Step 1 of Sales Process - To Whom do I Start?

Watch Module 7 Training here:


Module 8: 15 Second Commercials

Watch Module 8 Training here: 

Download PowerPoint Slides


Module 9: Qualifying Questions and Tie Downs

Watch Module 9 Training here:

Download PowerPoint Slides


Module 10: Personal and Borrowed Stories

Watch Module 10 Training here:


Module 11: The Litmus Test

Watch Module 11 Training here:


Module 12: Setting the Appointment in Stone

Watch Module 12 Training here:


Module 13: Review of Sales Process / Review of Sales Track

Watch Module 13 Training here:

Download slides from Training


Module 14: Recruiting with Sales Track

Watch Module 14 Training here:


Module 15: Role Playing with Sales Track

Watch Module 15 Training here:


Module 16: Time Management - Integrating Worth into Your Busy Schedule

Watch Module 16 Training here:


Module 17: Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

Watch Module 17 Training here:


Module 18: Hosting Opportunity Meetings (And, Filling the Room)

Watch Module 18 Training here: