Money Max Account Testimonials

"My lifestyle has actually improved while still investing in my retirement plans, investment accounts and taking vacations; I will still be paying off my mortgage in less than half the time. I urge everyone to take full advantage of the program and start a new pledge of Financial Freedom. I trust, believe and encourage investing in yourself; everyone deserves all the value the program offers." Jude B.

"We appreciate the opportunity to re-coach with Andrew this evening. We are anxious to learn and feel a willingness to help us out. Thank you again." Keith & Beverly R.

"Your agent, Sandra S. was very pleasant, patient, and helpful in explaining the process. She was encouraging and she said we could call her with any questions." Richard & Ruth P.

"I see this program as a way to insure my ability to retire in the time frame that we have planned. Having no debt in 5.7 years is beyond anything I expected. Freeing $1800 per month at retirement is '""priceless"".'" John & Lynda S.

"Mike B. has helped me for the past two times and was very informative and increased my confidence in the program. I was a little apprehensive because my balance on the HELOC was so high, but he reassured me that it was okay. Apparently I'm on the right track. I will continue to call whenever I have a problem and know Mike will be there to assist me." Edwina W.

"I have had this site for two years now and was pretty satisfied, but now with the upgrade ... OMG, I can really itemize all my accounts and keep track of all incoming/outgoing money at a glance! My '""coach""' is great. Lots of patience with all my questions and I love the fact that I can e-mail him with any and all question in the meantime. LOTS OF KUDOS to you and your wonderful staff. I have been bragging to all that would listen. Keep up the good work." Tracy G.

"My experience with Sam was very positive and he asked me questions pertaining to my current status on the program and was very helpful, I appreciate his expertise and knowledge and will call him again, thanks." Jeff W.

"I am so looking forward to using my program." Quila R.

"I really think this program will be a really big help to me with managing my finances and getting my house paid off in a short period of time. You are very detailed in explaining everything to us about the program." Tommy & Stacy B.

"This is great, I'm looking forward to becoming mortgage free with the program." Dwayne & Patricia B.

"I look forward to understanding more the long-term savings of this program. Thank you for all your help." Max & Carleena S.

"Once again I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be able to pay off a 28-year mortgage in period of 5 years. This will be a great help in preparation for great retirement." Todd B.

"The Product is superb! The program is easy to use and the support staff is professional & helpful." Ayla W.

"I now understand more as I use it more and more." Blaine & Pam G.

"What an awesome concept. Something I want to share with everyone with a mortgage. I only wish this program was available 20 years ago." Kathy & George G.

"This is outstanding! Thank you for this awesome opportunity!" Barry D.

"Rachel S. was great. Please tell her we said thank you." Thomas R.

"Mike B. did a great job showing us how to manipulate our own account and explained the why and how thoroughly." Erik & Shaina Y.

"Marie T. is absolutely lovely. She has wonderful product knowledge, patience and is extremely professional. I appreciate being able to follow up with her at a later date via email." Jennifer M.

"Having been on program, I think the product is outstanding." Virginia D

"Internet training is always difficult for me, but the trainer was very nice and knowledgeable. I will need assistance along the way, which is nice because he made himself very available to me." Megan F. & John A.

"Jose handled my questions and concerns in a very professionally manner. He listened and provided answers in a clear way that I could understand. He is knowledgeable and has outstanding phone manners. Most places I call cannot provide customer service at the level provided by Jose. He is an asset to you organization." Bill H.

"The agent that introduced this program to me was great. She was so excited for us. She really knew what she was talking about and helped me through every step of the process. She was great at follow up and knew how to answer every question I had. I love the fact that you can plan for future expenses or goals. I wanted to pay off my auto loan in April. I just added it to my action plan and it adjusted everything up to date, so I can pay off in April and free up over $200 in discretionary income. This has become a game for me, almost an obsession. I want to see where I can lower my monthly living expenses and cut back energy costs. I am sure this 'game' will catch on fast and banking institutions will see more of this program. My loan officer had a hard time 'thinking outside the box' to help me. I had to explain the program to her so she could better understand my exact needs. It was kind of frustrating at first but I told her that on my behalf, she would be seeing more and more of the same exact requests. I now feel confident that because I was the 'guinea pig' and very particular with her, she'll be able to execute this same loan program with anyone I refer to her. Thanks, for the opportunity to live the American Dream the way it was intended to be." Jamie R.

"For over 40 years my wife and I have maintained two separate checking accounts, and in essence she had her bills and I had mine. We shared some of the large bills such as our home mortgage. When we had been on the software for a few months, we realized that we no longer had his and her bills and obligations. We stopped at a service station to gas up the car. When I got back inside the car, she said, 'I""sn't it great we no longer have to asked whose time is it to gas up the car"?' It doesn't matter whose time to pay. We are working to pay off our home mortgage in about 4.5 years. Then we will have more money to spend on our 4 grandkids. take more vacations, etc., support more missionaries from the church." AJ & Martha W.

"The training session went well. There are a lot of things to think about, so I'm ready to start." Richard & Patricia P.

"Danny P. was efficient: his thoughts were well organized and he was considerate: 1) he made sure several times to have me take my time, 2) he was thorough --- he made sure that all steps in training were reviewed that were not reviewed in prior training, 3) he made sure that he was pronouncing my name correctly which shows a respect of persons. I consider Danny P. to be an expert in his knowledge & the wonderful way he takes care of your clients." Jill R.

"Program is easy to use and effective. Thanks." Matthew M.

"My coach, Mike T., was very helpful and offered continued support for when additional questions arise or to augment this training. I am looking forward to using the product and becoming debt free." Judith M.

"I believe that the program is changing our families' lives so much so that I am on a personal mission to tell everyone that I know about how AWESOME this product is. There is Nothing like it anywhere! We started at 11.1 years to pay off our home and in less than 8 months we were down to 8.75! That is a blow away! Thank you so much, for helping us to see clearly into our future. Way to go!" Casey & Jacqueline P.

"My overall comment is that my Coach Michael was superb. He took me by the hand and the tour was very pleasant. An added plus: Michael was able to chat in French with me. I wish every customer could find someone as nice as my coach. Now, I can make plans to pay off my mortgage even sooner than anticipated." Joseph B.

"Excellent program for paying off your house early." Stewart H.

"My experience so far was good." Joseph & Belinda M.

"EXCELLENT and very easy to understand. I feel so safe doing this. The instructor was easy to work with and answered all my questions." Wesley & Kelly M.

"I know for a fact we have gotten even better since I activated my personal software. The Power Point slides showing how to use the LOC along with a personal checking account, as well as a credit card if applicable, really is a good tool. I think it is critical that customers get their hands on the software quickly, and learn how to navigate through their numbers and particular situation so they do not get discouraged and set it aside. We just have to keep remembering that it is a little intimidating to a new customer even though we have all been through different scenarios many times. The home office seems to be run at a high level of concern for the customer, so thank you!" Jeffrey D.