Become an Independent Agent with United Financial Freedom (UFinancial)!

  • Duplicatable, Replicatable Training Systems in Place! We have training in place to help you be successful! Of course, we still need you to take action!
  • Generous Compensation Program!
  • Price will vary! The program will vary in price.
  • Get in on the ground floor! You have an incredible opportunity to join early and build a big foundation.

 Give Dr. Joan a call (248) 663-2332. Hurry - call now and get in on the ground floor!




Joining is easy.

Go to: On the right, enter your name, email, and phone number, then press "Get Started".  Complete the fields on the page, including payment information and press submit. Once you press submit, you will be brought to a page to create your username and password - this is the information you will use to access the back office! 

And, you will then be all set! You can begin building your team, completing your training sales, and helping others with the number 1 issue on their mind - Debt!!!