United Financial Freedom and Haakonstad Group proudly provide an opportunity for you to put your Cash Flow on Steroids!!! Introducing the Wealth Builder Account!

For years, the Money Max Account has shown clients the path to rapidly accelerate the pay down of debt. Traditionally, our clients have had the choice of using either a Line of Credit (such as a Home Equity Line of Credit [HELOC]) or their current checking/savings accounts as the two main engines to help facilitate the accelerated pay down of debt. Using the Money Max Account with these facilitating accounts has offered our average client the ability to pay down 30-year mortgages in an average of 12 years, pay off consumer debts in about 1/8 the time, and save an average of $120,000 in interest. This approach is still the fastest mathematical path to zero debt, given each individual's clients unique financial situation. The only disadvantage was that the Money Max Account program could not show our clients how to accelerate the pay down of debt while rapidly growing wealth. Until now.

We are now happy to share another product which will work in conjunction with the Money Max Account program - Indexed Universal Life (IUL) products.

Using the IUL products, our clients now have the ability to accelerate the pay down of debt WHILE accelerating the growth of wealth at the SAME TIME!

IULs offer our clients:

  • Safety

    • Your principal is guaranteed against loss

  • Liquidity

    • Clients can access up to 90% of cash value and you do not have to wait until you are a certain age

    • The IUL will be structured differently for clients based on stated needs and goals of each of our unique clients.

  • Tax Free Growth

    • Growth inside the IUL is tax free

  • Tax Free Income

    • IRS 7702

  • Fund Living Needs

    • Use the IUL to fund living needs such as college, home, car, and retirement

  • Past Average Historical Growth of 8.1%

    • Some of our clients want a more passive approach to wealth building and do not want to create their own Privatized Banking system. This is the best approach for people with a more passive approach to wealth building as the IUL has historically high growth rate

    • The IUL is indexed against the S&P 500 which has historically averaged 8.1% annual growth over the last 25 years 

  • Can Use this IUL for Privatized Banking

    • Most IULs are not liquid and therefore cannot be used for Privatized Banking. However, the specific IULs we use, and how they are structured, offer the ability for these to have higher liquidity rates which allow for use in Privatized Banking.

    • Privatized banking does require a more active approach from clients. If you prefer a more passive approach to your financial growth, the IUL will work well for you without integrating Privatized Banking.


    The release of the Wealth Builder Account (the combination of rapid debt pay down and wealth accumulation) will be in two phases.

    1. In phase one, the Money Max Account will work side-by-side with the IUL.

    2. In phase two (which is still in the works), the IUL will be integrated inside the Money Max Account allowing the Money Max Account to mathematically determine the best use of your money for rapid debt pay down and growth of Wealth. The Money Max Account will systematically, strategically, and actuarially determine the best use of your money, given your unique situation. In phase 2, the Wealth Builder Account will tell you how much to send to your debts (Which debt to target, the exact date, and exact amount, down to the penny) and how much to maintain in your Wealth Building Account (IUL) to maximize the pay down of debt and growth of wealth.

    To learn more and speak with a Wealth Builder Specialist who specializes in designing strategies that work in conjunction with the Money Max Account program, contact Dr. Joan Haakonstad - (248) 663-2332.