Worth Unlimited - Frequently Asked Questions

Why Worth Unlimited?

Debt is the number one issue on most people's minds. In fact, finances is the number one cause of arguements in relationships and attributed as the number one cause of divorce. Throughout the United States, many people are upside down in their mortgage (owe more than they could sell the property) and are looking for solutions. Worth Unlimited and the Worth Account is the solution. And, we need more agents so that we can help more people. Fortunately, you don't have to work in the financial services arena in order to become an agent. You simply need to know people, or be able to find people, with debt and then refer them to Worth Unlimited!

In fact, the agents donít do sales. Agents simply generate curiosity enough to have numbers ran, then set an appointment with a Worth Coach and the coach does the rest. The coach will gather the information, run the analysis, do the presentation, and make the sale. The commission is based on a percentage of the interest saved and ranges from Ĺ% - 3% of the interest saved. Commission is 15-30% of the sales price, and, considering this is direct sales, there is the ability to have overrides if you chose to build a team.


Who are the owners of Worth Unlimited?

The founders of Worth Unlimited are: Skyler Witman and John Washenko.


Does it cost any money to join as an agent?

Yes, there is an initial fee of $149 to join as an agent. And, in order to help "weed out" inactive agents and allow Worth Unlimited's resources to better support active agents, there is an annual fee of $50.


Will Worth Unlimited agents have replicated websites?

Yes, agents will have replicated websites. Agents receive a product-only replicated site and an Opportunity replicated site. Agents will also receive a back office, training, and lots of support!


Are there minimum sales requirements?

Yes, there are minimum sales requirements in order to maintain overrides on your teams. See the Worth Unlimited Compensation Chart for more details.


How do clients pay for the program?

The price point of the Worth Account is based on how the program will benefit the client - often this is less than a refinance (in other words - less than how much it cost you to get into debt!). Clients can either pay this in full or finance the program.


Is there a guarantee on the Worth Account?

Yes, there is a guarantee on the Worth Account. Clients should speak with the Worth Coach helping them with the process for more details. And, there is information about the limited guarantee under WU Agent Resources tab above.