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Learn how you can earn some extra money while helping friends, families, colleagues, clients, acquaintances, and many, many others eliminate the burden of debt. And, remember:

  1. New, Higher Compensation Plan!!! Including higher commission on personal sales and SPREAD for team overrides! Select HERE to view compensation plan
  2. Choice - Refer your client prospects to Worth and a qualified Coach will assist your prospect OR run your own analysis
  3. Private Label - Sell the Worth Account as a Private Label to Companies
  4. New Sales Tools - a three set video series with a proven track record and ability to track prospects' viewing history. Watch these videos at: www.WorthAccount.com/987799
  5. Price Will Vary - The investment in the program varies and price is based on how much the program will benefit the client

Learn more about the Worth Account program and becoming a Worth Unlimited agent by watching the following webinar

This video will show you how the program works and how you can earn money selling the program - product and compensation:



The Wealth Builder Account

As of September 15, 2015, we can now show our clients how to accelerate the pay down of debt while simultaneously building wealth. Introducing the Wealth Builder Account. Worth Unlimited stays committed to accelerating the pay down in debt. And, they have partnered with a company, United Solutions Group (USG) who will offer wealth building products for clients. The first wealth building tool we will use is an Indexed Universal Life product (IUL) and the specific one we use will offer: Safety, Liquidity, Tax-Free Growth, and Tax-Free Income. The release of the Wealth Builder Account (the combination of rapid debt pay down and wealth accumulation) will be in two phases.

  1. In phase one, the Worth Account will work side-by-side with the IUL.
  2. In phase two, the IUL will be integrated inside the Worth Account allowing the Worth Account to mathematically determine the best use of your money for rapid debt pay down and growth of Wealth. The Worth Account will systematically, strategically, and actuarially determine the best use of your money, given your unique situation. In phase 2, the Wealth Builder Account will tell you how much to send to your debts (the exact date and exact amount, down to the penny) and how much to maintain in your Wealth Building Account (IUL) to maximize the pay down of debt and growth of wealth.

Learn more about the Agent Opportunity with both Worth Unlimited and USG here:


The Worth Account Program

This video will give detail about how the Worth Account program works (NOT inclusive of the Wealth Builder Program):




This video will give detail about the Worth Unlimited compensation plan:



Older Webinars:

1. Worth Unlimited Corporate Opportunity Webinar from June 5, 2013; presented by Top Field Agent in the Country - Dr. Joan Haakonstad:


2. Worth Unlimited Corporate Opportunity Webinar from May 8, 2013; presented by the Worth Unlimited Corporate Executive Team.  




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