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NOTE: After many years of Worth trainings being listed on this main page, we have too many to have this main page be easily manageable. As such, all trainings listed on this page have been deleted. Instead, you can easily find trainings based on topic on the tabs on the left. This will make it easier for you to find the training you want to watch. 

Also, note, you will find a record of weekly trainings in order (Beginning Fall 2014) under the top tab on the left - Weekly Meetings. The date, topic and brief info are listed, as are potential paperwork or other needed / discussed items from the training.

Paperwork, Handouts, marketing pieces, and other are still listed below. You may also find these items on the left under the Handouts_Marketing tab.

February 15, 2016 - Mac's New Worth Account Presentation:


Fast Track to Success

Here is a training for new and re-engaging agents to begin building a solid foundation for your Worth business: https://youtu.be/f7DTrABSUnQ

After you watch this, we recommend you select the "Module" tab on the left and begin going through the Module Trainings in order. Make sure you complete the Action Items at the end!

Handouts and Paperwork:

Activity Worksheet - Track your agent and client prospects, track your activity

Slides from Saturday Training (January 5, 2013) - Sales Process, Steps for Success, Building Rapport, and Prospecting

Slides from Industry-Specific Recruiting Training (January 22, 2013)



Worth Door Knocking Script

Worth Corporate Script

Joan Haakonstad's Script

Cold Call Script - Your Business Card Just Ran Across My Desk


Opportunity Meeting Marketing Pieces and Material - Remember - Change Time/Date, Location, and Contact Info Where Appropriate on Marketing Material!!!

Older Worth Unlimited Recorded Opportunity Webinar (from January 2014): http://s3.amazonaws.com/worthunlimited/WorthPortal/video/CRPWA_webinar_jan2014.mp4

Updated Compensation Plan, as of October 2014

Guest List Template

or use this one: Guest Registration Form

General Flyer 

Realtor Emails

Realtor Email 1, May We Pay You for Your Referrals?

Realtor Email 2, Any Clients Upside Down on Their Mortgage

Realtor Email 3, Are You Free For Dinner (Only Use if YOU Are Serving Some Food!)


Client Emails

Client Drip, Choice

Client Drip 1, Unshackle the Burden of Debt

Client Drip 2, Upside Down on Your Mortgage

Client Drip 3, Got Debt

Client Drip 4, What the Experts Say



Carl Anku's Text Campaign